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AzMarie Livingston

Fan Site

America’s Next Top Model

& “Chicken” on Empire

Azmarie Livingston was a contestant on America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) Cycle 12 “British Invasion”. She left quite an impression as a gender-neutral model with her unique look.

She’s an actress too… playing “Chicken” on the popular FOX show Empire. Keep a lookout for her!

She tells her Story with More than Words… “Smize” and “Intensity”

She’s been quiet for a while but I’d look for Azmarie to pop back up in a major way.

She Manages to Sell Photos With Ease

When you’ve got it you got it…

She on that Next Level

no doubt

We hope she continues to Act & Model

Why so Serious?

In the mood for drama? Nice.

Grey Bae

Stunning in every hue (or lack thereof).

Acting on Empire



Once linked to Raven Simone